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The vault was originally purchased by William Kevan. Click here to see the text of the monument inscriptions.


William Kevan, born 2 Feb 1766, Kirkcudbright, Scotland; died 7 Dec 1847, New York City; interred 10 Dec 1847

Emigrated from Scotland in 1794. Was in partnership with his brother Andrew as "A & W Kevan", 310 Pearl Street, NYC.

Eleanor Donnan, born 14 Jan 1780, Schenectady, N.Y.; died 16 Apr 1844, New York City; interred 19 Apr 1844

Wife of William Kevan.

Mary Ann Kevan Miller, born about 1810; died 1 Jun 1845; interred 3 Jun 1845

Daughter of William and Eleanor (Donnan) Kevan, Wife of William Miller. Lived on 23rd Street looking out on Madison Square.

Alexander Kevan, born about 20 Feb 1807, New York City; died 7 Apr 1846, New York City; interred 17 Apr 1846

Son of William and Eleanor (Donnan) Kevan. "...inclined to be very gay, was quite a leader in Society, was a partner in business with one of the Suydams, and was a member of the silk stocking Fire Company Engine No. 13"

Sarah Grace Kevan, born about 1809; died 20 Apr 1894, New York City; interred 21 Apr 1894

Daughter of William and Eleanor (Donnan) Kevan.

William Kevan, born 1814; died 11 Sep 1907, Hastings, N.Y.; interred 13 Sep 1907

Son of William and Eleanor (Donnan) Kevan. " of the younger sons, was the youngest man in the Fire Company [Fire Company Engine No. 13] and as he was a good sleeper he hired the policeman to tug at a rope hanging from his window at 604 Broadway when there was a fire. At the Great Fire, Suydam and Kevan were burnt out and Mr. Kevan (Uncle Will) was detailed to steal any private horses to help save the contents of stores and homes."

Jane McLeod Kevan Fraser, born 20 Aug 1818, New York City; died 5 Oct 1866, "Lovat", Hastings, N.Y.; interred 19 Oct 1866

Daughter of William and Eleanor (Donnan) Kevan, Wife of Thomas Fraser.

Thomas Fraser, born 6 Apr 1811, Edinburgh, Scotland; died 1 Feb 1863, New York City; interred 4 Feb 1863

Husband of Jane McLeod Kevan. Emigrated to New York in 1832. Member of firm Van Woert & Fraser, leather traders. Director of Continantal Insurance Co.. Director of Leather Mfgrs. Bank. Home: 20 West 22nd St., New York City, purchased in 1852, sold 9 May 1904. Home: "Lovat", Hastings on Hudson. Land purchased 28 Dec 1853.

Thomas Kevan Fraser, born 23 Feb 1845, New York City; died 16 Mar 1904, New York City; interred 19 Mar 1904

Son of Thomas and Jane (Kevan) Fraser. Hides & Leather. Retired abt. 1878. Democrat, Village Pres. 7 yrs. Member of the Board of Education for 14 yrs; President for 7 years. 1892-93 NY Assembly, defeated 1895. President of the Sewer Commission.

Sarah Grace Fraser, born 18 Jul 1852; died 3 May 1931, New York City; interred 6 May 1931

Daughter of Thomas and Jane (Kevan) Fraser. Known as "Aunt Grace"

Jane Kevan Fraser, born 19 May 1847; died 15 Oct 1933, "Lovat", Hastings, N.Y.; interred 18 Oct 1933

Daughter of Thomas and Jane (Kevan) Fraser. Known as "Aunt Jennie"

George Corning Fraser, born 25 Feb 1872, New York City; died 15 Nov 1935, Dallas, Texas; interred 22 Nov 1935

Grandson of Thomas and Jane (Kevan) Fraser. Lived at 300 South Street, Morristown, New Jersey and in New York City.

Jane Gardener Tutt, born 4 Aug 1874, Danville, Kentucky; died 25 Dec 1936, New York City; interred 29 Dec 1936

Wife of George Corning Fraser. Known as "Jennie" when she was young, as recorded on Federal censuses.

Myra Rodes Tutt, born 17 Jan 1873, Saint Louis, Missouri; died 10 Jan 1946, New York City; interred 7 Mar 1946

Sister of Jane (Tutt) Fraser.

Myra Tutt Fraser, born 21 Aug 1899, Millbrook, New York; died 25 Jan 1969, Venice, Florida; interred 9 May 1969

Daughter of George and Jane (Tutt) Fraser. Wife of Grinnell Martin.

Grinnell Martin, born 18 Feb 1887, New York City; died 16 Jan 1972, Venice, Florida; interred 17 Apr 1973

Husband of Myra Tutt Fraser.

Richard Sperry Koehne, born 10 Aug 1947, New York City; died 4 Dec 1967, Chapel Hill, N.C.; interred 13 Jun 1968

Grandson of Grinnell and Myra Martin. Cremated. Later removed.

George Corning Fraser Jr., born 31 Dec 1896, Washington, D.C.; died 13 Mar 1974, North Tarrytown, N.Y.; interred 31 Oct 1974

Son of George and Jane (Tutt) Fraser. Cremated.

Sarah Sylvester Moran, born 20 Nov 1898, Cincinnati, Ohio; died 14 Dec 1985, Somers, N.Y.; interred 10 Sep 1986

Wife of George Corning Fraser Jr. Cremated.

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