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Originally purchased by Jacob, Richard and Theophilus Anthony in 1836. The vault record shows there were 23 interments and two removals. Frederick Vermilye (int. 27 Feb 1845) is the first interment recorded for the vault, but the cemetery's original interment records for the years between 1831 and 1843 were unfortunately lost in a fire, so there might have been earlier interments. References to newspaper obituaries are noted below when available. An original vault key is in the possession of one of the descendants of Jacob Anthony. Mr. Ian Fraser of the Cemetery Board contributed to the research for this vault.


Anthony, Jacob (1785-1856) Died: 2 Aug; Interred: 5 Aug 1856

The son of Nicholas N.5 Anthony (Nicholas4, Nicholas3, Allard2, Franciscus1) and Susannah5 Roome (Jacob4, Johannes3, Peter Willemse2, Willem Jansen1). He was from the old Dutch families, a descendant of Allard Anthony, early settler of New Amsterdam who served as Burgomaster and Schepen (sheriff) and was the first Sheriff of the City of New York (1664). Jacob was associated with the Bank of the United States in NYC, and later was Cashier of the State Bank of New York in the city. He was a major in the NY militia from 1806 to 1816, and commanded an artillery company during the War of 1812. He was for many years a volunteer fireman in NYC. The family lived for some years on Houston St., not far from the cemetery. He was twice married, and both of his wives are buried in the family vault, as noted below. By his first wife he had nine children: Nicholas Kip (see below); Richard (d. young); Richard Kip, a very successful and wealthy wine and coffee merchant; Henry Tiebout (see below); Jacob Jr., a stationer, or bookseller; Edward, an early daguerreotypist and a pioneer in the photography business; David Haight, a grocer; Ann Matilda (see below); and Theophilus (see below). [NY Times, 4 Aug 1856, p. 8]

Anthony, Theophilus (24 Dec 1790-1873) Died: 22 Sep; Interred: 24 Sep 1873

Brother of Jacob Anthony. A merchant. Husband of Sarah Wilhelmina Gill, buried here. He is said to have been married twice, but not to have had children, and none are mentioned in his obituary or noted in the census. [NY Daily Tribune, 23 Sep 1873]

Anthony, Jane Kip (1784-1851) Died: 27 Dec; Interred: 30 Dec 1851

The first wife of Jacob Anthony. The daughter of Richard Parsell5 Kip (Dirk [Richard]4, Petrus3, Hendrick H. Jr2, Hendrick Hendricksen1) and Ann Lyon. She and Jacob were married 23 Mar 1808 at the Dutch Reformed Church in NYC. [NY Tribune, 29 Dec 1851, p. 8]

Anthony, Sarah Ogden Scudder [Tisdale] (1794-1880) Died: 27 May; Interred: 29 May 1880

The second wife of Jacob Anthony, and widow of Reuben Tisdale (1792-c.1821). Sarah was the daughter of Sarah Kip, sister of Richard Parsell Kip, and her second husband William Scudder (the first being Joseph Crane); she was therefore a first cousin of Jane Kip Anthony. They married 20 Oct 1853 at the Garden Street Dutch Reformed Church. [NY Times, 28 May 1880, p. 5] (Information on the relationship of Sarah to Jane was kindly furnished by Diane Crane Benelli, a descendant of Joseph Crane and Sarah Kip).

Anthony, Sarah Wilhelmina Gill (c.1798 - 25 Jul 1864) Interred: 16 Jan 1865

Wife of Theophilus Anthony. Married 02 Oct 1833 at the First Reformed Dutch Church, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York ["New York, Marriages, 1686-1980," index, FamilySearch online]. Listed as "Wilhelmina" in the 1850 and 1860 US Census and "Sarah W." in the 1855 NY State Census; no children evident. The Times obituary stated she died "suddenly" in "Republic, Ohio," which is 46 miles SE of Toledo and is today a village of some 600 persons. [NY Times, 30 Jul 1864] (Listed on the burial record as "Anthony, T." and identified during the cemetery's transcription of the interment records. The delay from time of death to interment might be explained by the delay in making arrangements for the interment and having the body shipped from Ohio. Death information from the NY Times courtesy of Ian Fraser.)

Anthony, Henry Tiebout (1814-1884) Died: 11 Oct; Interred: 13 Oct 1884

Son of Jacob Anthony and Jane Kip. An engineer and inventor. An 1832 graduate of Columbia College, in 1852 he joined his brother, the photographer Edward Anthony (buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn) to form what was later known as E. & H. T. Anthony & Co. This firm was from the 1860s into the 1890s the largest photographic supply house in the world (in Dec 1901 the company merged with the Scovill & Adams Company and took the trade name "Ansco"). Henry was in charge of the manufacturing and technical side of the company, and held many patents for his inventions. He died in an accident, having fallen "heavily" in the street after nearly being struck by a horse cart. He was unmarried. [NY Times 12 Oct 1884, p. 2]

Plume, Ann Matilda Anthony (1825-1852) Died: 6 May; Interred: 8 May 1852

Daughter of Jacob Anthony and Jane Kip. She was the wife of George Plume, but died just over a year after their 20 Feb 1851 marriage. They had one daughter, Matilda Ann Plume, who married but had no children. [NY Daily Tribune, 7 May 1852, p. 7]

Anthony, Isabel Kip (1867) Died: 23 Jul; Interred: 24 Jul 1867

The one-month-old infant daughter of David Haight Anthony, son of Jacob and Jane Kip Anthony, and Clarissa Catherine Rogers. [NY Times, 24 Jul 1867, p. 5]

Graham, Hester Hardenbrook (1773-14 Mar 1849) Interred: 16 May 1849

Shown only as "H. Graham" in the cemetery record, this is almost certainly Hester Hardenbrook, daughter of Abel Hardenbrook and Rebecca Anthony, and grand-daughter of Nicholas Anthony and Hester Roome, who were also the parents of Jacob Anthony's father, Nicholas N. Anthony. Hester married Andrew Graham on 1 Aug 1810 in NYC (Christian Intelligencer, 2 Aug 1810), and they resided in Orange County, NY where he was an attorney and judge. Her death as a widow on 14 Mar 1849 at age 76 was reported in the New York Post on 16 Mar 1849 and the Christian Intelligencer on 29 Mar 1849. Although there appears to be a two-month delay in the interment in NYCMC possibly the cemetery record is incorrect and the date should be 16 Mar. Identification of this burial was kindly provided by Victoria Cheney, whose husband is a descendant of the Wheaton/Pratt family buried in Vault 227).

The following are children of Theophilus Anthony, son of Jacob and Jane Kip Anthony, and Jane Eliza Cummings, daughter of Thomas S. Cummings and Jane Cook. (Added Information on the children, indicated by italics, was kindly provided by Mr. Tim Hartshorne from family records compiled by Thomas S. Cummings. Mr. Hartshorne is a descendant of Josephine Cummings, sister of Jane Eliza, who married Richard Hartshorne):

Anthony, Infant Interred: 19 Jan 1860 (b. 17 Jan 1860)

Anthony, Infant Interred: 11 Feb 1861 (Stillborn, no name given. Twin of Lillie Augusta Anthony, b. 10 Feb 1861)

Anthony, Theophilus, Jr. (1865-1866) Died: 26 Jul; Interred: 28 Jul 1866

He died of cholera. [NY Daily Tribune, 27 Jul 1866, p. 5] (He was born 20 Mar 1865)

The following are members of the family of Jacob and Jane Maria de Riemer Brouwer:

Brouwer, Jacob (1796-1868) Died: 30 May; Interred: 2 Jun 1868

Husband of Jane Maria de Riemer. He was a broker and commission merchant in NYC. [NY Times, 1 Jun 1868, p. 5]

Brouwer, Jane Maria de Riemer (1800-1880) Died: 31 Oct; Interred: 2 Nov 1880

Daughter of Samuel Babbington de Riemer and Hester Anthony, sister of Jacob Anthony. [NY Daily Tribune, 1 Nov 1880, p. 5]

Brouwer, Edward (1833-1859) Died: 20 Dec; Interred: 23 Dec 1859

Son of Jacob Brouwer and Jane Maria de Riemer. [NY Times, 22 Dec 1859, p. 5]

The following are children of Theophilus Anthony Brouwer, son of Jacob Brouwer and Jane Maria de Riemer, and Elizabeth Jackson Brouwer (Information courtesy of Ian Fraser):

Brouwer, Elizabeth (17 Jul 1854-17 Sep 1856) Interred: 16 Sep 1856 (possibly incorrect date). [NY Times, 18 Sep 1856]

Brouwer, Hubert Livingston (3 Mar 1874-6 Apr 1874) Interred: 7 Apr 1874

The following are children of William H. Vermilye and Hester Ann de Riemer, daughter of Samuel Babbington de Riemer and Hester Anthony, sister of Jacob Anthony:

Vermilye, Frederick (1842-1845) Died: 26 Feb; Interred: 27 Feb 1845 - (the first known burial in the vault) [NY Daily Tribune, 27 Feb 1845]

Vermilye, Emily Augusta (1840-1845) Died: 21 Nov; Interred: 22 Nov 1845 [NY Daily Tribune, 22 Nov 1845]

Vermilye, Elizabeth Perkins (-1846) Died: 11 Jan; Interred: 12 Jan 1846 [NY Daily Tribune, 12 Jan 1846]

Vermilye, Lewis F. (1838-1851) Died: 5 Sep; Interred: 7 Sep 1851 [NY Daily Tribune, 8 Sep 1851]

The following were interred in the vault and later removed:

Anthony, Lydia (1860-1868) Died: 4 Jan; Interred: 7 Jan 1868 — Removed: 15 Apr 1868

Daughter of Jacob Anthony, Jr., son of Jacob and Jane Kip Anthony, and Harriet Scull, sister of Margaretta (below). [NY Times, 5 Jan 1868, p. 5]

Anthony, Nicholas Kip (18 Dec 1808-13 Dec 1870) Died: 13 Dec; Interred: 18 Dec 1870 — Removed: 20 Nov 1873

Son of Jacob and Jane Kip Anthony. He married Margaretta R. Scull of Philadelphia, daughter of Gideon Scull and Lydia Ann Rowan. In about 1838 he joined the firm of R. & H. Haight & Co., and left the firm in 1852. It may be assumed that his body was placed in the vault temporarily, but the details are not known. He and his wife had eight children; five lived to adulthood. [NY Times, 14 Dec 1870]


This vault record was originally compiled by Milton D. Forsyth, Jr., whose wife's great-great-great-grandparents were Jacob and Jane Kip Anthony. Additions and corrections are welcome - please contact the Cemetery office. It was last edited on 23 July 2013.

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